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12 March, 2013

Why don’t some clients take you seriously?

Lack of client respect is a huge problem. In this post, we’ll examine the reasons why some clients don’t take you seriously. We’ll also discuss what you can do to win a client’s respect.

When a friend or a family member becomes a client, it’s gonna be difficult to work with. So, you have to Set Boundaries,let them know where your limits are. When they cross them, let them know in a respectful manner.

Setting boundaries is important, but it’s also crucial that you are consistent. If you’re not, and you let this person break the rules you’ve set out, they’ll learn that the rules don’t matter. That will only make things worse.

9 March, 2013

How to Admit Your Mistakes

Mistakes: we all make them – right? No one likes admitting them.

Admitting you made a mistake can be a challenge if you afraid of “losing face”. However, in the eyes of other people, a person who can admit to mistakes and move on from them is more likely to garner respect than someone who blusters and pretends they weren’t responsible.

So what’s the best way to get around these situations when a mistake occurs?