The main factor that affects any team productivity is COMMUNICATION, or lack of it! Therefore be sure to SHARE vital information, facts, findings and even potential risks with all relevant persons in your team.

Every now and then, look around you and observe your team members to ensure they all know what they’re doing. The entire team must have a consensus on the current projects objectives and priorities.

When it comes to team productivity it holds you responsibility! Yes, YOU, each and every one of you, please feel responsible for your team and your company by sharing ideas that can enhance communication or productivity, also fight frustration around you. Consider it your personal enemy. Whenever you see a colleague feeling down or lacking motivation don’t just let it go.


Overall organizational productivity:

Organizational productivity is affected by the major components of any company: people, process, & tools.

Perhaps the overall productivity of your company is the responsibility of your managers and CEO and it’s beyond your capability to control it. There are still a couple of issues to put in mind.

First: organizational productivity is the resultant of the productivity of all team members, so if everyone does their best to be more productive, so will be the company as a whole. DO YOUR PART!

Second: although you may not be a decision maker, you are a great source of ideas!
For example at IMIDOS we have our open-door policy that allows us to suggest an idea to our boss that might improve IMIDOS performance or reduce overheads.
Perhaps it’s not a part of your job description to improve the process or suggest ideas that enhance overall productivity. Yet it’s a part of your responsibility towards your beloved company to do everything you can to make it a better company.

Finally: bear the responsibility to spread the message. Reflect the light! Go around talking about how your team can achieve higher results by enhancing communication or raising morale. Teach your team members the tricks you learnt that you think might be useful. Keep the issue of productivity in the back of your head all the time. Constantly ask yourself this question “am I productive now?” and constantly analyze reasons. I’m sure you’ll learn new ways every week to improve your own as well as your team’s productivity.